It honestly really sucks seeing my ex go on dates n go to random places because that’s what I wanted with him

I’m still kinda hurt over the break up that happened months ago -_-

Lord knows I don’t want to be back with him cuz I knew when we were together he was not the fit for me

But I still really care about him and it just sucks that it didn’t work out

I try to be cool and friends with him like we were years before the actual romantic relationship…but it’s different now

I still hurt now

I need to separate myself because talking with him just continues the pain of knowing that no matter how much you care for someone it doesn’t make you a good match for them

Looking at the kitten cream website and they have gorgeous puppy/kitten play things

They even have teddy bear ears and butt plug (is happily be someone’s teddy bear)

And they’re gorgeous things like I’m in love!

But I don’t use butt plugs
Not into anal